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Have the satisfaction of having shiny windows give you that clear and beautiful view you can enjoy every day. Through excellent communication, we will exceed all your expectations. You can count on a careful and detailed window cleaning experience that will give your home a renewed look.

Have your home sparkle all year long with our maintenance service.

Improve your business' look.

Let natural light into your business for a more enjoyable and productive environment. Airborne dirt and dust can stain the glass, and contact from hands can leave unsightly smudges.

We will improve your view with expert window cleaning services. Whether you have a small storefront or a large retail complex, we have the right window cleaning services for you.

100% Satisfaction guarantee.

Enjoy peace of mind when you book our services. If you are not happy with the results, we are ready to fix any issues or concerns to the best of our ability.

Get things done right

A residential window cleaning in Morgan Hill.

Micah was incredibly responsive, provided a fair price and did a stellar job. (...) It is rare to find a business or person who takes such pride in their work, so if you are looking for a reputable and quality window cleaning, I recommend you look no further than Micah.

Jason S.
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Always professional and courteous to his clients, Micah uses the best quality ingredients to make sure your windows really are left spotless. Hard working guy. Choose him for your business 👏 👍

Kunal Main
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A beautiful store front getting a window clean in Morgan Hill.

100% Satisfaction guarantee

Have peace of mind when you book our services. If you are not happy with the results, we are ready to fix any issues or concerns to the best of our ability.

Our Detailed Services

SCreen Cleaning

Let the fresh spring breeze into your home with our complete screen cleaning. Avoid the accumulation of dust and residue that will obstruct your view and affect your air quality.

Track Cleaning

Your windows' tracks often get clogged, making it difficult for your windows to move along these tracks. We can help with the removal of rubbish and dirt that builds up with time.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Ensure only the best care for your panels. We clean all solar panels with a gentle brush and a 3-stage pure water system. This is the safest way to protect your investment.

Hard-Water Stain removal

Make your windows look new again. We can help restore your stunning view and safely remove stubborn hard water spots from your windows.

Pressure Washing

Revive your driveway, patio, decking, and more. We use professional-grade CARB (California air resources board) compliant machines that will make flat surfaces safer to walk on for family, guests, and customers by eliminating slippery organic growth. Increasing the lifespan of some of your biggest investments.

House Washing

Make your home look brand new again. We use the right mix of biodegradable chemicals and gentle pressure that won't damage your home. It removes moss, algae, dirt, and debris. Each job is planned meticulously to minimize water wastage and protect your home and environment.
A happy family enjoying time together in a neat environment with a clear view.

Add a Little Sparkle To Your Windows

Make sure your windows are left spotless, and enjoy a view with those who count the most.